- Roewe 350

The initial concept for a new vehicle platform from which two smaller vehicles would be created was commenced in the UK in 2006. Once complete, workload considerations dictated that the vehicle engineering for the larger of these two vehicles was transferred to an engineering team at SsangYong in Korea and the key engineering link became Korea to China once the engineering had been securely handed over.  The second of these two smaller vehicles - MG3 - remained UK responsibility.

Roewe 350 is the smallest of the current Roewe saloon product range, and has a market positioning in China commensurate with its smaller size.

The all new small 1.5 litre engine introduced with Roewe 350 was conceived, engineered and developed in SMTC UK before the engineering was transferred to China to be put into production. Size, weight and cost were the key engineering objectives given to the Powertrain team given the wide range of future potential applications earmarked for this engine.

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