- MG3

MG3 was first announced in China at the Beijing Motor Show in April 2010 under the guise of the MG Zero Concept Car. The design of both the Concept car and the MG3 production model was under the leadership of the SMTC UK Design team. The production MG3 was unveiled at the Guangzhou Motor Show in December 2010 for sale in China in Spring 2011. It was the second all-new vehicle designed and engineered by SMTC UK.  Based on an all-new platform, the vehicle was concept engineered to be fully EU compliant and fully competitive in both the Chinese and EU markets. The engineering was the responsibility of SMTC UK for about two years before transfer to China to be productionised.

The initial work to investigate a full EU specification version is in progress.

SAIC Motor UK Technical Centre Limited is registered in England with number 05437330. The registered office of SAIC Motor UK Technical Centre Limited is 100 New Bridge Street, London, EC4V 6JA