What we do


Creativity & Innovation are core values of the SAIC Design Team. Situated in a purpose built Design Studio, the UK Design Team delivers World class concepts to support the SAIC product portfolio for both MG and Roewe Brands.

Over the past 6 years Anthony Williams-Kenny has developed a highly skilled and productive Design Team at SAIC, ensuring the best skills and talented designers are onboard to carry out the important job of shaping the future products of the company. As custodian of the prestigious MG Brand, Williams-Kenny is developing a new energy and philosophy behind the Design Activities to ensure MG’s strong return and re-establish itself amongst its huge following.

The Design Studio employs a wide range of skilled designers from around the World, all specialists in the art of Automotive Design. Creating fresh ideas and pushing the boundaries of innovation and design is a daily activity to ensure the customer gets modern and forward thinking products from the company. From sketches through to Surface sign off the designer’s job is create and protect the design through to production ensuring that the original vision and intention is maintained to the showroom. Sketching ideas is still at the heart of the best designers and at SAIC the Design team are encouraged to get their ideas down on paper and the computer screen.

Working alongside the designers are a team of Digital Designers realising the Designers’ dreams within the packaging and engineering criteria, creating impressive models and visuals to start to appreciate the design in a virtual environment. Tools such as Alias, Maya, Showcase and RTT are used to fully represent the models, and the recent installation of a state of the art Visualisation Suite at SMTC UK provides a powerful tool in the Design Process and Management Reviews.

The SAIC Design Team also consists of skilled modellers who create physical mock ups of the design alongside the digital designers to create and execute the Designers vision. Form and sculpture are the order of the day, alongside a strong understanding of engineering to get the most from the design. The design process involves 40% Scale Clay Models, Full Size Clay Models of exterior and interior design for presentation and selection by SAIC Senior Management.

Finalising the Design and signing off the data for production are also vital roles conducted by the SAIC Design Team. Interfacing with engineers and suppliers the SAIC Design Team are at the core of activities through the development of a product.

SAIC Motor UK Technical Centre Limited is registered in England with number 05437330. The registered office of SAIC Motor UK Technical Centre Limited is 100 New Bridge Street, London, EC4V 6JA