What we do

Advanced Engineering

Architecture Engineering

Advanced Engineering harnesses the full engineering capabilities of SMTC UK to develop world-class architectures for new MG and Roewe vehicles for SAIC, meeting the ever increasing demands for improved fuel economy, feature, crash performance, dynamics, refinement, quality and reliability at competitive costs.

Advanced Engineering in the UK is part of a global team and works in full co-operation with the Advanced Engineering Team in the Shanghai Technical Centre to develop products for China, European and world markets.

The specific areas of focus for Advanced Engineering are in the following key areas:

  • Body Structure – front, rear and underfloor
  • Chassis and suspension systems
  • Braking and steering systems
  • Integration of Powertrain; Engine, Transmissions, hybrid and electric vehicle propulsion and energy storage systems
  • Powertrain application systems; Intake, Exhaust, Cooling, Heating and Ventilation
  • Interior systems; Seating and Restraints
  • Electrical systems, Overall Vehicle Integration, Package, Safety, Performance

The Advanced Engineering team has high levels of expertise in these areas and collectively provides the capability to develop a fully integrated design. The Advanced Engineering Team leads the development from initial target setting, through concept development, covering all key development phases up to full engineering production release.


Advanced Engineering also leads Research into new pioneering technologies for future applications into SMPV products. Specific priorities for research are established in; Vehicle efficiency improvement, Propulsion technology, Energy Storage, Tools and processes, New Features.

Links have been established and research projects are underway with a number of universities and academic institutions. SMTC UK Research has forged a specific partnership with Coventry University, collaborating on a series of joint projects, providing mutual benefits associated with industry and academia cooperation.

The relationship with Coventry University and investments in research will allow SMTC to be at the forefront of delivering new technologies, tools and knowledge that will enable SMPV products to be fully competitive in the future, enhance the MG and Roewe brands and meet the major challenges facing the automotive industry in the future.

SAIC Motor UK Technical Centre Limited is registered in England with number 05437330. The registered office of SAIC Motor UK Technical Centre Limited is 100 New Bridge Street, London, EC4V 6JA