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Powertrain Integration

The two main Powertrain Systems - the engine and transmission – require a number of support functions and systems to integrate with the vehicle platform architecture before they can perform their desired functions and achieve the overall vehicle targets. The provision of these systems through design, development, analysis and validation are the key functions of the Powertrain Integration team.

We provide the clean air for the engine, and the means of safely removing the exhaust gases. We provide the means of cooling the engine (and sometimes transmissions) throughout its full running range. The coolant is used also to provide heat for the HEVAC system providing customer comfort along with the A\C function. We provide the ‘brain’ of the engine – the Engine Management System and its associated calibration and integration into the rest of the vehicle.

Primarily, six systems come under the banner of Powertrain Integration, these being – HEVAC, Cooling, Induction, Exhaust, Electronic System Integration and Engine Calibration. All these systems have levels of interaction with both the driver and passengers, from cabin comfort, driveability, NVH, fuel consumption and driver information systems

It is the role of the Powertrain Integration engineer to ensure these systems are delivered to the required functional requirements meeting SMTC’s Global Vehicle Development Process

Each of the PT Integration areas covers all the necessary activities to go from Concept thorough to Series Production. The main areas being:-

  • Benchmarking and generation of technology route maps for each of the Integration Systems to make sure we understand what the various markets need now and in the future
  • Target setting, covering all the things the 6 Integration Systems need to be able to do to satisfy customer, legislative, manufacturing and business requirements
  • Concept design proposals, including Design Failure Mode Effects Analysis to support the development of a new vehicle architecture across several vehicle platforms.
  • Detailed design proposals to allow full package studies to be undertaken and supplier discussions to progress
  • Generation of a design verification plan to ensure that the design proposal is fit for purpose. This will cover the steps of design analysis, component and system testing on both rigs and in vehicle of engineering prototypes of all Integration System parts and final testing and sign off of manufactured samples.
  • Evolution of the design through development and testing of prototypes and manufacturing stages to a fully signed off design.
  • The Calibration of the Engine Management System (EMS) to ensure all vehicle targets are achieved
  • Full System Integration of the EMS into the vehicle electrical system
  • Structured problem solving techniques used throughout process using the 8D system
  • Support for any in manufacturing or in field problems after start of production
  • The Powertrain Integration team covers a wide array of skill requirements, ranging from Component Design, Electronics, Engine Calibration, Control Systems through to development and production release.

We work closely with the other Powertrain Teams and Vehicle Teams, in UK and in China, to ensure SMTC deliver the best product for all markets.

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