What we do

Interior & Exterior Trim

The Trim content of the vehicle helps deliver key performance attributes of safety, comfort and refinement.
Taking the styling creativity from our Design department and turning it into a production reality is what motivates our Interior & Exterior Trim engineers on a daily basis. From the initial sketch, the engineering team strives to maintain the style integrity as it is developed to satisfy legal and manufacturing requirements. At every stage of the design process from initial sketch to Alias rendering and physical clay model, the engineering team is closely involved to ensure a high degree of feasibility.
We use advanced CAE tools to enable us to predict the key performance attributes with a high degree of confidence, allowing us to progress to production tooling without the need for traditional soft tooled prototypes. This generates a significant reduction in both the vehicle development lead-time and cost.
We also pay significant attention to the perceived quality of our vehicles, combining an attention to detail in the feel of each mechanism with carefully specified tactile materials and optimised gap & flush targets to give a feeling of real craftsmanship. The selection of materials also considers the key environmental issues of sustainability and recyclability, as well as reducing the emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds.
Customer expectations for increased levels of safety, comfort, and convenience invariably have a negative impact on vehicle weight, which in-turn has a negative effect on vehicle economy and emissions. To counter this, we continually seek to optimise our engineering solutions, focussing on alternative lightweight materials, thin wall sections and efficient joining methods.

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