SAIC development roundly praised in new MG6 diesel

Added 04/01/2013

SAIC Motor’s newly-developed 1.9-litre diesel engine, new six-speed transmission and additional vehicle development work have all been roundly praised by members of the UK press reviewing the new MG6 DTi.

Much of the development work behind the MG6 is carried out at the SAIC Motor Technical Centre in Longbridge (SMTC UK), while teams of engineers based at the UK site have also provided a high level of input into the car’s further development in China by SAIC Group.

Teams of engineers were tasked with developing an all-new diesel engine to meet European tastes and requirements, and the result is a 1.9-litre four-cylinder unit, producing 150 hp and 350 Nm torque.

Steve Cropley, a leading car critic for Autocar magazine, complimented SAIC’s new diesel engine and powertrain, writing: “Generous power is provided by an all-new UK-designed 1.9-litre four-pot diesel that is powerful and refined, with a wide torque spread.”

Cropley added: “The powertrain refinement – how the engine, gearbox and clutch co-operate – is exemplary.  Dynamically, it’s a great car for British roads.”

What Car? magazine editor, John McIlroy, also appreciated the results of SAIC’s labours in developing an all-new engine and six-speed manual transmission for the car, and commented: “The new diesel engine is a major step forward for the MG6.  There’s plenty of torque from around 1200rpm, so you can maintain swift progress without pushing the revs beyond 2500rpm.  The new six-speed gearbox helps with this, because it has a precise shift action.”

David Lindley, Managing Director of SAIC Motor UK, said: “It’s never easy for a company to develop an all-new engine from scratch, but wide-ranging praise from automotive critics illustrates perfectly the quality of the engineering that goes into SAIC Group products.  Exclusively developed with British and European motorists in mind, the new diesel engine has won plaudits from across the industry, confirming that SMTC UK delivers a world-class level of engineering.”

SAIC Motor UK Technical Centre Limited is registered in England with number 05437330. The registered office of SAIC Motor UK Technical Centre Limited is 100 New Bridge Street, London, EC4V 6JA