About SAIC Group

SAIC Group roots began in 1955 with the formation of the Shanghai City Diesel Parts Manufacturing Company. After initially focusing on powertrain product, SAIC began automobile manufacturing in 1958 with its first vehicle, the Phoenix. In the years that followed, SAIC formed several equal ownership joint ventures with other motor manufacturers to create what is now the largest listed vehicle-making corporation on the Chinese A-share stock market. Key joint ventures include the passenger vehicle focused Shanghai Volkswagen (SVW) and Shanghai General Motors (SGM), and commercial vehicle joint ventures include Naveco and the Shanghai Sunwin Bus Corporation.

SAIC Group's growth has been consistently strong, with annual sales of 1 million vehicles in 2005, 2 million in 2009 and 3 million in 2010. In 2012, sales reached 4.49 million vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 11.9%, despite the slowdown in the total market growth. SAIC Group was ranked among the Fortune Global 500 for the eighth time in 2012 on the strength of consolidated sales income of 67.25 billion US dollars for the previous year, taking 130th place on the list and rising 21 places over its 2011 position.

In addition to production and sales of passenger and commercial vehicles, SAIC Group also has interests in a number of vehicle component businesses as well as supporting automotive services such as auto financing.

2005 saw an important milestone in the group's development with the introduction of a new SAIC owned brand, Roewe.

An important focus of SAIC Group today is in the development of innovative new automotive energy systems. The Roewe 750 Hybrid, offering fuel efficiency improvements of an average 50% over the conventional model was the first product of this development program. 2012 saw the introduction of the first SAIC-manufactured all-electric vehicle, the Roewe E50, fulfilling the promise of zero-emission vehicles, with further developments underway for the launch of a plug-in hybrid vehicle in the near future.

Through a spirit of independent innovation and focus on consumer and environmental demands, SAIC Group is now the seventh largest automotive manufacturer globally.

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SAIC Motor UK Technical Centre Limited is registered in England with number 05437330. The registered office of SAIC Motor UK Technical Centre Limited is 100 New Bridge Street, London, EC4V 6JA